Nobody likes a phony: ordering online

 "Oh, I can just order my {insert event here} dress online." HOLD THE PHONE......order online??!! Let me tell you a million reasons why this is a b-a-d idea when it comes to formal wear! 

Ordering online is always a HUGE risk when it  comes to formal wear and here's why:


Many online retailers {most of which are not reputable} claim to have  designer gowns such as Sherri Hill, LaFemme, etc. In pictures, it may actually be the real dress that the company has stolen from the designers website. When the dress arrives on your doorstep {if it ever makes it} is often not the real deal: cheaper beading, material, zippers and more than likely looks NOTHING what the picture shows. 


Authorized dealers of formal wear are required to sell their dresses at price points set by the company. If you are buying a dress from a newer season it will NEVER be on sale unless it is damaged, previously worn, or fake. 


 Sizing  in formal gowns are very different than regular street clothes. It's very hard to be sure how something is going to fit unless you are in store and can try it on or at least try a dress on that is similar to what you are wanting. Formal wear is meant to be purchased in store!


I will tell you up front...we do not accept returns on any formal gowns. It's so that gowns can't be worn and then returned or that you aren't purchasing a nice gown and it hung in someone's closet for a week, tried on 17 times and then now you're buying a gown that smells like someone else's home and is partially worn. With all that being said, most formal wear places have the same policy and if they don't then just think about the dress you've received and worn from ordering online! 

SHOP LOCAL {last but certainly not the least}

Okay, so nothing like a shameless plug but really shopping local is great for our community.  I could probably write an entire book on why it' s so important to support your local businesses! (I'll save it later for a different blog post) Northwest Arkansas has so many wonderful locally owned businesses and I feel so privileged to be part of our business community. 


On that note of shopping local here's why you should shop Tesori for all your formal needs:




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