Meet Carley & why she loves being a Tesori Bridal Consultant

At Tesori we have a fairly small, very close knit staff. We're so lucky to love the people that we work with! I wanted to show off our wonderful bridal consultants and I'm starting off with our very own, Carley. She's worked with us since 2013 and we immediately fell in love with her love for people and her fun sense of humor.

Photo by Haley Stutzman

Photo by Haley Stutzman

I sat down with Carley to ask her what she loves most about being a bridal consultant at Tesori...find out what she had to say!

L: Did you ever picture yourself working with brides?

C: I didn't! I've always loved people and working with customers directly, but until I worked with my first bride and really got to see what it was like I never expected to love it so much! I still love to work with customers looking for formalwear, but a bridal gown is so different because it's such a personal thing, so it really means the world to me that my brides allow me to be a part of this super special process. 

L: What is the most surprising thing you've learned working in the bridal industry?

C: Well, I went into the bridal industry only knowing what I had seen from TLC's Say Yes to the Dress! While some aspects are pretty accurate, I definitely learned that the show does dramaticize quite a bit! Maybe I've just been so lucky with such sweet brides, but I have yet to encounter that bride-zilla moment! I have been surprised with how drama-free working in bridal has been. I know I'm a little partial, but we are so lucky to have encountered the people we have and created relationships with each one of them. 

L: What is your favorite thing about being a bridal consultant at Tesori?

C: I love being a bridal consultant for two reasons. First, I feel so fortunate to work alongside such amazing people. I feel like it's so rare to come across a job where you genuinely want to be there as much as you can. My coworkers are the people I love to be around inside and outside of work and I owe all the credit to our owners for making this such a positive and rewarding workplace. Second, I think it is such an honor to be able to be a part of a bride's memory when it comes to finding their dress. I cannot think of a more positive and exciting time in a person's life, and I get to be around that energy every day! 

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