5 items every bride needs on her wedding registry via Amy Hannon {Owner of Euna Mae's}

Hey Everyone! So, we asked the queen of the kitchen, Amy Hannon the 5 most important things that every bride should have on her registry! She is the owner of the super fabulous kitchen and housewares store called Euna Mae's, located on Carley Road in Springdale. I must admit that I am missing a few of these items in my kitchen {married almost 3 years} so I will have to pay a visit to Euna Mae's and fix that! Read below to see what Amy's top 5 must haves are: 

| an apron collection | 
First things first, aprons. When a lady is in the kitchen, whether stirring a red sauce or rolling cookie dough, she needs an apron. And I believe in having an apron arsenal to go to that suits your kitchen task! A washable, cotton, full apron is perfect for serious kitchen tasks. And a beautiful heirloom linen halter apron or a lovely waist apron with a big sash is just right for hosting a dinner party. Pretty and purposeful! 

 www.shopeunamaes.com {linen halter apron $55}

 www.shopeunamaes.com {linen halter apron $55}

| cast iron skillet |
Every bride, especially a Southern bride, needs a good cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets are the most versatile, hardest-working kitchen cookware. Cast iron sautes, sweats, and braises on the cooktop. And it bakes and broils in the oven. A cast rion skillet can even go on the grill so your Honey-do can do the cooking too!  A cast iron skillet has staying power. Our grandmothers' grandmothers used cast iron. You may be fortunate enough to have received one that has been in your family for generations. If not, then the cast iron tradition can begin with you! 


| beautiful multi-purpose bowls |

I'm a bowl junkie. I love them and use them like wild! Oh yes, stainless or melamine mixing bowls are functional in the kitchen, BUT why not choose beautiful multi-purpose bowls that serve the same purpose and can also be a feast for the eyes?! These gorgeous handmade English mixing bowls can be used for stirring, serving, and storing. And these English mixing bowls have been made for centuries. From Julia Child to Martha Stewart to The Pioneer Woman, women with culinary taste have been using English mixing bowls to bring grace and purpose to their kitchens for generations.


Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.22.05 AM.png

| french oven |

I don't have to tell you that a gorgeous, Le Creuset french oven is a signature kitchen item that has long been on bridal registries. And for good reason. Not only are they stunning pieces of cookware, but they are durable, versatile, and hold heat like no other. Le Creuset enamaled french ovens are cooktop and oven-safe plus they go from oven to table with style. French ovens are used for everything from soups, stews, and roasts to baking artisan bread! With proper use and care, Le Crueset french ovens will last a lifetime and include a guarantee for as long. 

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.28.26 AM.png

| special pretty plates |

Brides and grooms choose every day dishes that they plan to use, well, every day. But I believe all kitchens should have a small selection of pretty plates to use for special occasions. Maybe you're having your mom and sisters for lunch. Or you're serving dessert on the porch to new neighbors. There's something especially wonderful about having a few pretty plates that aren't the usual to serve and eat from. Different sizes, shapes and patterns are available in this tried-and-true Burleigh dishware. Handmade in England since 1851, Burleigh is my absolutely favorite plate for those special bites and memory-makers. 

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Amy Nelson Hannon

|owner + designer + curator|

Sincerely Yours Paper inc.

If you don't live in the area and would like to shop Euna Mae's online visit her at www.shopeunamaes.com

If you don't live in the area and would like to shop Euna Mae's online visit her at www.shopeunamaes.com